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We always catch something Either a Fish or a Buzz fish counter

We always catch something Either a Fish or a Buzz fish counter

Elevate your fishing experience with our Catch & Keep Fish Finder – the ultimate 16 x 20-inch wooden companion for every angler! Whether you're reeling in the big catch or enjoying a refreshing beverage, this innovative device is your go-to fishing buddy.

The built-in counter with "Catch" on one side and "Keep" on the other ensures you never miss a moment. Track your successful catches and decide which ones make it to the "Keep" side. With space for four anglers, it's perfect for a day out with friends.

But that's not all – our fish finder goes beyond the reel. The integrated bottle opener lets you crack open a cold one, and the tin cup, made of durable wood, catches all your bottle tops, turning your fishing spot into a mini celebration.

Key Features:

  • Catch & Keep counter for up to four fishermen
  • Dual-sided design for tracking catches and keepers
  • Built-in bottle opener for convenience
  • Wooden tin cup to catch and collect bottle tops

Make every fishing trip memorable with the Catch & Keep Fish Finder – where the thrill of the catch meets the joy of sharing moments with friends.

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